ITB May:  A Whole Load of Asparagus Recipes!

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In The Bag:  MayThis article is a collection of Asparagus recipes submitted by bloggers from around the world for our monthly seasonal food blogging event “In The Bag”, ran by myself and Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie.  And what a collection it is!

Asparagus is one of the world’s great superfoods, high in fibre, vitamin c, folic acid, and stuff that makes your wee smell.  It has a short season of just 2 months from April to June so don’t miss out!

You can read more about Asparagus at the great British Asparagus website, or read on for our recipe roundup.

Asparagus Recipes:  The Roundup

First up is our co-host (and host for June) Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie with her asparagus salad featuring a hollandaise sauce with spinach and watercress.

Asparagus Recipe

Next up is my own classic styled asparagus with eggs and parmesan.  This is a dish which has been around for ages in many different variations, and is basically super fresh asparagus with an egg and parmesan on top.  I make no apologies!

Asparagus Recipe

Charlotte and Alexandra from the Great Big Veg Challenge are next with their impressive asparagus twists.  Not everyone is as unoriginal as me!  ;)

Asparagus Recipe

Devra Vikram is up next with a delicious looking Asparagus soup.  Vegetable soups are so easy and there’s really no excuse to buy from tin - what you can make at home is much better.

Asparagus Recipe

Amy and Jonny from We Are Never Full have cooked up a great and long named dish for us - whole wheat pasta with leeks, asparagus, mushrooms,  Gruyère and a fried egg.  Well worth a try.

Asparagus Recipe

Antonia from Food, Glorious Food! has made an original Springtime Frittata.  Note how he specifies the use of free range eggs; you should too.

Asparagus Recipe

An Asparagus and bacon quiche is the order of the day from Paula at Half Baked.  Quiche has gone out of fashion lately but please ignore this food snobbery - a good quiche is still great food!

Asparagus Recipe

The next entry substitues asparagus with the interesting sounding fireweed shoots in an omelette.  This is a great entry from a great blog I’d never seen before - Mediterranian Cooking In Alaska.

Asparagus Recipe

Another frittata recipe now courtesy of Lisa at the aptly named Lisa’s Kitchen, this time mixing together Asparagus with Mint.  It sounds delicious!

Asparagus Recipe

Rose from You Say Tomato… has submitted an Asparagus Tart.  This looks delicious.  I’m going to be full up of asparagus soon…

Asparagus Recipe

Here’s a great recipe: an asparagus soufflé from Kevin at Closet Cooking.  A fantastic use of this great vegetable, this is one I’ll try myself.

Asparagus Recipe

You’ve got to check out this next one, if not purely for the name.  I quote - “shoot this is the hardest part! ..err.. ummm… wild asparagus with! no! i’ll call it ’salvaje sobre espárrago’“.  That’s just got you have you intrigued, hasn’t it?

Asparagus Recipe

Here’s another asparagus soufflé (also known as “Green Eggs”) this time with the most original presentation I’ve seen, served inside the shell.  This one courtesy of Feeding Maybelle.

Asparagus Recipe

Last but most definitely by no means least, we have a risotto with sautéed asparagus and a poached egg (hey, I love risotto!) from Ian at The Pie Times.

Asparagus Recipe

So there’s another month’s bunch of seasonal food recipes rounded up.  Asparagus will be finishing its season very shortly so why not try some of these out for yourself?

Make sure to check out June’s edition of “In The Bag” where you can submit your own recipe using seasonal produce.  Details will be released over at A Slice of Cherry Pie shortly!

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12 Responses to “ITB May: A Whole Load of Asparagus Recipes!”

  1. You’ve done a great job with the round-up Scott! Thank you! So many interesting recipes - poached eggs saucing veggies is always a great idea and, you were right, the wild asparagus post was a treat. This is a fun event - I like seeing all the different ways to deal with the same ingredients.

  2. Kevin says:

    Great roundup. Look at all of the tasty asparagus dishes!

  3. thanks for doing this and thanks for including me.

  4. Anotnia says:

    Great roundup - lots of inspiring dishes to try. Only sorry that there isn’t more time left to enjoy the best English asparagus…!

  5. arundathi says:

    That’s a great round-up! Everything sounds delicious. Btw, I think its Pixie of You Say Tomato, and not Rose?
    Looking forward to taking part next month… thanks!

  6. This is a lovely selection of asparagus dishes…
    Alexandra was very happy to see hers included - will look forward to the next In the Bag round up!
    thank you for organising this.

  7. Lil says:

    oh what a selection of asparagus inspired dishes! *trying not to drool onto the keyboard*

  8. Helen says:

    Great round up Scott. I made my entry but missed the deadline - I’m posting it later anyway though…I’m loving the entries this month. And as for quiche going out of fashion - not in my house!!

  9. katie says:

    Perfetc timing…for me, and lovely round-up!
    I haven’t seen any asparagus for weeks, thought the season was long gone… Yesterday, at the market, I found the best I’ve had all year. I didn’t get to send you a recipe…but I get to use the ones you have. Good Job!

  10. Ingrid says:

    It is too bad I missed the asparagus round up. I had a great time thinking up ways to use it. When do you announce what is “In The Bag” for June?

  11. [...] If you want inspiration for some fancier recipes, then look no further than May’s In the Bag seasonal cooking blogging event. There’s a further 26 asparagus recipes on the official British Asparagus [...]

  12. scott says:

    Laurie Constantino: I love seeing all the different ways to cook the same ingredient, too. Over time the archives should build a pretty comprehensive recipe collection.

    Kevin: I did look, and tried a few too. They taste as good as they look.

    maybelles mom (feeding maybelle): My pleasure to have you included. Hope to see you back again for the next one.

    Anotnia: That’s the beauty of English Asparagus - it’s not around for long so you have to fill up with it while you can!

    arundathi: Thanks for the correction, I will adjust. I’m looking forward to you taking part, too!

    Charlotte at Great Big Veg Challenge: Again, my pleasure. I love food and if people are willing to share that’s even better.

    Ingrid: Usually at the start of the month but we’re a bit slow this time (sorry). It should be some time this weekend though.

    Lil: I’m impressed with them all, too!

    Helen: You might have missed this one but I’m sure your recipe is just delicious anyway. Make sure to check back for the June edition!

    katie: I’m heading to a local farm shop today, so who knows what I will find. I’m stocking up on strawberries at the moment.

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