WHB #97:  The Roundup - Part 2

August 30th, 2007

Sequels are rarely as good as the original. This little series, however, is guaranteed not to progress to a trilogy; this second part is the last you’ll see, guaranteed. It’s also every bit as good as the first one. Welcome to Weekend Herb Blogging 97: The Roundup - Part 2.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

One of the perks of hosting WHB is that you get to put your own recipe above everyone else’s. I’ve taken advantage of that perk with my own Strawberry and Champagne Jam, but let me tell you - the rest of the recipes below blow this one out of the water. Keep reading!

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Here’s a treat - a perfectly simple dish of roasted tomatoes with mozzarella and herb oil from Anh’s Food Blog (aka Food Lover’s Journey). This is a classic combination of flavours that never fails.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

This one is one I just love. An effective cup of Ginger Cinnamon Tea courtesy of Sherra at Our Taste of Life. So many food blogs seem to entirely forget about drinks that it’s surprisingly refreshing when someone remembers. Oh, and I just love tea - but then I am British, after all!

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

There seems to be a great theme this month (which is totally coincidence) of simple yet delicious dishes which use nothing more than a few ingredients, simply prepared. That’s what makes for such great food! This one is no exception, with a fantastic Eggplant Gratin (hey, that’s Aubergine in English!).

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

I say this a lot, but lamb is my favourite meat. Pam, therefore, steals my heart (which lets face it, is very easy to steal with the right food) with her Patagonian Lamb with Balsamic Roast Veggie Salad.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Here’s a fantastic blog presenting us with a dish which fits the pattern I mentioned a couple of posts above. Fellow 9Rules member Genie from The Inadvertent Gardener has cooked up some Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes over Polenta. Yum!

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

I love Weekend Herb Blogging. I don’t think there’s another food blogging event which has so many familiar faces joining up so regularly with so many great dishes - although feel free to prove me wrong! Here’s one of those faces, Chris from Mele Cotte with an Open Faced Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Look at this picture and tell me you’re not interested in it. You can’t, can you? Even if I told you it was a Zucchini & Pistachio Spice Cake with Lime Frosting by Anna at Morsels & Musings, would that put you off? Nah, didn’t think so. Tuck in!

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Sher at What Did You Eat? couldn’t remember if she’d remembered to send me her entry for Weekend Herb Blogging or not. No fear, I have it right here - a Meatless Tamale Pie of the highest order.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Take a look at the picture. Pretty, strange vegetable looking for warm stomach for extended stay. Go and take a look at Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once ’s funky looking Romanesco Frittata

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Katie from Thyme For Cooking has made us some tasty Green Beans with Prosciutto and Garlic Chips. Who’s heading to her place with me?

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Now this one’s interesting. A Scented Rose Oil (from Astrid at Paulchen’s FoodBlog) just calls out to be tried. I have a large climbing rose in the garden (flowering for the second time this year, in fact) - do you think my Wife will notice if I go strip all the petals from it?

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Virginie from Absolutely Green has for us a beautiful and seasonal Purple Salad with Lavender Aroma. This is a great recipe from a great multi-lingual blog. Remember, folks, cook seasonally and God will love you. Or something like that - just do it!

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

Almost finished (and I hope I haven’t missed any body!), and here’s a dish my Wife would kill for. She just loves Salmon, and this Cilantro Chilli Salmon is surely no exception. This one’s home caught by Katerina from Daily Unadventures in Cooking.

Weekend Herb Blogging Recipe

The grand finale (drumroll please)….A Fresh Herb Salsa with Chillies served atop of a fresh whole Sea Bream. There’s nothing more special than a whole and delicious fish. What a note to end on!

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of Weekend Herb Blogging, and I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks again to everyone who submitted an entry - I only wish I got to taste them all!

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7 Responses to “WHB #97: The Roundup - Part 2”

  1. Chris Says:

    Part 1 and 2 look great! Thanks for all your work on this round up…so many delicious postings!

  2. Kalyn Says:

    Hi Scott,
    Great job on both parts, and thanks again for hosting. Lots of good recipes this time. (Do I always say that, it always seems to be true!)

  3. Katie Says:

    You’re right, part 2 is as good as part 1!
    All of those late summer vegetables are wonderful!
    Good job!

  4. Virginie Says:

    There are so many entries…WHB roundup are becoming real challenges ! Thanks again. Now I’m going first to have a look to Anna’s Spice cake. Have a good rest !

  5. sherra Says:

    Thanks and Congratulations for a real mouthwatering round up, Scott! :-)

  6. scott Says:

    Chris: Thankyou very much…Still, last time I hosted there were over 80 entries - now that took a lot of work!

    Kalyn: No problem hosting - it’s my pleasure to host such a great event.

    Katie: Late summer is a great time of year for food. But then so is Autumn. Oh, and Winter. And Spring….

    Virginie: Me too. That cake looked delicious!

    Sherra: No problem whatsoever. I didn’t make all the dishes - but the people that did deserve the praise!

  7. Anna Says:

    shucks! thanks guys. it really was delicious :)

    thanks for hosting scott!

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