The Post Christmas Check-In

December 26th, 2007

So, it’s over. All that build up and it’s done in just a couple of days. How did go for you? Here’s the post Christmas check in. Feel free to comment on your own Christmas, too!

The Dinner

I’m extra lucky - we had 2 Christmas dinners this year:

  • Polish Christmas Dinner: My Wife is Polish and as such we had our first dinner on the 24th of December (traditionally served when the first Star is seen). Starting with some communal breaking of bread and good wishes, we progressed into a starter of Barszcz (a delicious clear beetroot soup) before moving on to a feast of a main course - traditionally (or so I’m told) 12 dishes, representing the 12 disciples. I’ll go into more detail about these in future recipes, but will say that there was a lot of fish, sauerkraut, Pierogi and no meat. Several cakes adorned the table for desert, including the delicious Polish Cheesecake Sernik.
  • English Christmas Dinner: I’m sure I don’t have to go into all the details about this. Suffice to say there was Goose (yes, no Turkey), Roast Potatoes (cooked in the goose fat), parsnips, carrots, chestnuts and sprouts. Pudding was, yes, you’ve guessed it - Christmas Pudding.

The Presents

Being a food fanatic I always get something related to food from Santa (I didn’t send him a list - how does he know?). This year I’m super lucky - a couple of cook books (River Cottage Fish and Jamie at Home), a pan set (Le Creuset), and a shiny looking cake mixer - all of which I’m sure will come in handy!

Now, only 363 (ish - I think 2008 is a leap year) days until the next one!

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