PSB With Parmesan Crumbs

March 30th, 2008

Purple sprouting broccoli is one of those vegetables that has such a short season it just cries out to be eaten as much as possible while you still can (hence our forthcoming “In The Bag” foodblogging event).

Purple Sprouting Brocolli Recipe

The photograph above is Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Parmesan and Herb Crumbs; not my recipe but one which I decided to try after seeing it on this website. What you probably can’t see in the photograph is that I managed to overcook the PSB (hence the complete lack of a purple colour) - but it still tasted great, honest!

The basis of the recipe is to heat a mix of olive oil and butter, throwing in a handful of breadcrumbs and frying till golden. The PSB is simmered for about 5 minutes and then mixed with the breadcrumbs, a good handful of parmesan, fresh chopped herbs and seasoned. It’s then all mixed together over heat and then served…

Yet another simple way of enjoying such a classic vegetable!

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