In The Bag: September (a food blogging event)

September 7th, 2007

I’d like to invite anyone who cares about seasonal food to join me here for a food blogging event on Saturday the 29th of September. It’ll be fun, I promise!

The aim - to create a dish (or more) of your choice from a selection of pre-chosen seasonal food items. Simple as that! Read on for more information.

The September bag contains: Fruit!

A Food Blogging Event

I’m not specifying the fruits this time around, simply choose whatever is seasonal where you live. For me, that’s such delights as blackberries, pears and tomatoes.

Simply create a recipe before the cut off date, email me the link to scott [at] realepicurean [dot] com , and I’ll feature it here. Tagging it with “in the bag” or “itb” would be great, too, as would usage of the logo above - but it’s entirely your choice. If you want to be bored by some more rules (which lets face it, are fairly flexible), please click here.

“In The Bag” is a joint event held by myself, Cherry’s English Kitchen, and A Slice of Cherry Pie.

Oh, and if you check back here in a couple of days I will be reviewing the latest cookbook to come from the camp of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, the River Cottage Mushroom Handbook (click the link for more information). My shiny signed copy arrived a couple of days ago with the great looking River Cottage Mushroom Magic DVD and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!

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13 Responses to “In The Bag: September (a food blogging event)”

  1. Coffee & Vanilla Says:

    I will try to send my entry this month finally… (!)
    Greetings, Margot

  2. Erin Says:

    Fun. I’m dreaming already of delightful local West African pineapples. You can’t get them in the US because they are so perishable and don’t hold up well to the shipping (and because of a strong pineapple lobby in Hawaii) but they are divine. Hooray for Ghana where so many delights grow year round.

  3. stockton Says:

    thinking cap time, methinks!!! great idea!

  4. Mushrooms: River Cottage Handbook from Says:

    […] Cachaca Rum and Caipirinha « In The Bag: September (a food blogging event) […]

  5. scott Says:

    Cofee & Vanilla: It’d be soooo good to see you take part!

    Erin: Sounds great. This year’s been a bit of a washout for me, but I’ll see what we can dig up…

    stockton: Pass the cap along after you’ve though of something…The more the better!

  6. Pieds Des Anges (Kyla) Says:

    Hmm, maybe I’ll enter. Love your blog! If you are posting on September 29th, what is the cut off date?

  7. scott Says:

    Pieds Des Anges (Kyla): I hope you can enter…And the cut off date is up to the 28th. I’m so fast like that ;)

  8. » Blog Archive Coffee & Vanilla Says:

    […] is my entry for September edition of “In The Bag”, joint food blogging event hosted this month by Scott from […]

  9. Lemongrass Says:

    Nice idea! I will make something and make sure I send it before the closing date!

  10. Linguine with plum tomatoes and white wine sauce from Says:

    […] almost forgot.  Depending when you read this, there’s two things going on:  A seasonal food blogging event on Saturday 29th September, and our competition to win free chocolate up to October the […]

  11. Mansi Says:

    Hi Scott, I just emailed you my entry for the event, and here’s the permalink to my post in case you don’t get the email:

    Thnks for hosting, and looking forward to a great roundup!!

  12. stockton Says:

    hi - unfortunatley, due to an IT overhaul over here, my original email didnt come through to you last week - i know its a day past deadline - but could the link be considered?


  13. Vanielje Kitchen » In the bag - Seasonal eating Says:

    […] In the bag is a foodblog event where the challenge is to cook something with whatever is in the bag. I love the idea of this monthly challenge as I am a great proponent of seasonal eating, which is just what the contents of the bag are supposed to be - something seasonal. This month it was a broad spectrum - seasonal fruit, hosted by Scott from Real Epicurean […]

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