DMBLGiT:  The Winners!

June 6th, 2007

Finally - the winners of May’s edition of ‘Does My Blog Look Good in This?’. A long time coming for a whole host of reasons including a judge pulling out and one of my degree essays needing completing.

The winners are ranked as the top 3 overall, followed by the top from each category (excluding those already in the overall top 3). Since some of those shared equal points, some share joint positions, as detailed below.

A truly excellent bunch of photographs made even better by the short amount of time I gave you all to submit them. So congratulations to all involved!

Overall Winners

(Click any image to be taken to the original post)

In joint first position is the excellent ‘Spring in A Bowl’ taken by Anita from Married With Dinner. This photograph also scored joint highest for Aesthetics, above the category winner (see the rules for more info).

Spring In A Bowl

And the other half of the first position belongs to the photograph below, the excellent ‘Tropical Island Salmon’ taken by Jaden from Steamy Kitchen. This also had the joint highest score for Aesthetics. Excellent work!

Tropical Island Salmon

Second position then, lies with this delicious little number from Melody (aka evinrude) from Small Talk called ‘Stuffed Mushrooms With Grated Parmesan’, which was taken with a Nikon D100. This is one of my personal favourites.

Third position is another joint win, with one half going to Ilva from Lucillian Delights with the interesting sounding ‘Saffron Yoghurt with Spicy Honey.

Saffron Yoghurt With Spicy Honey

And finally in the Overall Winners category is the joint third position winner is the worthy entry ‘House Cured Olives’ taken by DPaul Brown (with the article by Sean Timberlake), from Hedonia.

House Cured Olives

‘Edibility’ Category Winner

The simple yet delicious ‘Pavlova’ taken by Maia Averett from Maiapapay. Proving that tried and proven combinations still set our taste buds racing!


‘Originality’ Category Winner

Arguably the most interesting category of all, the ‘originality’ award goes to the high scoring festive shot ‘Pretty Red Easter Eggs’ taken by PILLE (food & styling) & K (the actual shooting) from NAMI-NAMI, using a Canon PowerShot A 700.

Pretty Red Easter Eggs

‘Aesthetics’ Category Winner

Another joint win, one half goes to the half English titled ‘Gingersnap mini-cheesecake aux poires et porto’ taken by Ninnie from Mitaine écarlat.

Gingersnap mini-cheesecake

And the second half of the award goes to the eye-catching ‘raspberry & brandy sauce’ taken by Ales from Preserveless with a Canon EOS 350D Digital

raspberry & brandy sauce

And that’s it! Once again apologies for the appalling delays and congratulations to all the winners - and those who didn’t win too - it’s been great having you all along for the ride!

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