Harrods Maison de la Truffe Hamper

Harrods Maison de la Truffe Hamper

I have a bit of an addiction to truffles. They’re one of the luxuries I can’t afford on a day to day basis, but I can’t get enough of the pungent aroma whether they’re thinly sliced with a pasta dish or simply drizzled as an oil into an autumnal soup.

Recently I was lucky enough to receive this Harrods Maison de la Truffe hamper. Worth £100 it contains goodies such as truffle oil, truffle salt, truffle breadsticks and porcini mushrooms. Harrods say that the hamper “contains a truly extravagant selection of truffle treats” and I can’t disagree – there’s enough here to keep your dishes truffle flavoured for literally months to come.

I’m imagining dishes both sweet and savoury working with these truffle products; how about Decadent Truffle Honey Cake or Jerusalem Artichoke Soup?. There is very little that truffles can’t improve in my mind.

The Harrods Maison de la Truffe Hamper is priced at £100 and is available (along with a full range of food and wine hampers) via the Harrods website.

Maison de la Truffe

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