Be Your Own Nutritionist

Be Your Own Nutritionist

This is a review of yet another healthy eating book. Let me cut to the chase by explaining why this one is different than all the others out there.

Be Your Own Nutritionist begins by saying that the British diet used to be far better than it is now; no surprises there then. The golden age was apparently the Victorian age, and examples cited include a traditional Sunday lunch, porridge, fish soup, and steak. Hang on a second – none of that stuff sounds particularly healthy – it’s all stuff I enjoy. A flick through showed me that the last 1/3 of the book was recipes, including pancakes, sausage casserole and chestnut soup.

The book as a whole is easy to read and yet explanatory in nature. The emphasis is on understanding how the human body works, and how flavours determine the beneficial properties of food. Ideas you already had are reinforced (e.g. too much sugar is bad for you), and things you didn’t know are taught (why do we crave unhealthy food?).

Here’s a snippet on a subject I’m passionate about:

The key thing about local, seasonal food is that it is more likely to be fresh, and fresh means nutritious, since, with a few notable exceptions, as soon as food is picked, captured or slaughtered it starts to degrade nutritionally.

Be Your Own Nutritionist is a new book by George Cooper. It costs £8.44 at the time of writing and is available via Amazon and all other good retailers.


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