Harrods Daylesford Gentleman’s Hamper Review

Harrods Daylesford Gentleman’s Hamper Review

Hampers undeniably make a great Christmas present. They’re great for both the buyer and the recipient, the latter of which enjoying the surprise element of the hamper itself and then the contents. But with so many different hampers to choose from, which hamper should you give?

This Daylesford Gentleman’s Hamper is aimed at people who will recognise the quality and luxury associated with the Harrods brand. This means that while the hamper isn’t cheap for the buyer, the recipient will enjoy the indulgence (and appreciate the value) of the contents within. The Harrods blurb itself reads: “Designed with the connoisseur in mind, The Daylesford Gentleman’s hamper makes an ideal gift for a valued colleague or a generous host”.

The hamper itself is presented as a rustic styled crate, inside which Christmas essentials including wine (red and white), cider, shortbread, chocolate dipped orange slices, biscuits and chutney. As an added bonus, the hamper includes a gold heart Christmas Tree decoration and a pair of lambskin gloves.

The Harrods Daylesford Gentleman’s Hamper is priced at £150 and is available (along with a full range of food and wine hampers) via the Harrods website.


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