Forman & Field Christmas Essentials Hamper

Forman & Field Food Hamper Review

It’s no secret that I’m partial to food.  I’m so partial, in fact, that I can be easily bribed.  So when a wicker basket turned up at my house this past week emblazened with the Forman & Field logo and filled with delectable Christmas goodies, I was instantly won over.

Forman & Field Christmas Essentials Hamper

Forman & Field Christmas Essentials Hamper

As in all walks of life, there’s various leagues of food hampers. Come this time of year every company is getting in on the act, bundling a bunch of Christmas related items together into a hamper and bumping up the price tag. Some companies, however, have a reputation for supplying high quality food. I’m happy to say that Forman & Field ( falls into the latter category, with a renowned history of salmon smoking dating back well over 100 years and supplying some of the finest restaurants in the country.

I’ve spent the past week now munching my way through pretty much everything the hamper had to offer and must say – honestly – that the food is second to none. The salmon itself (pretty much Forman’s flagship product) found its way onto our breakfast table atop of scrambled egg and was delicious. The cheeses – one of which being Stilton (my favourite) were melt in the mouth and full of flavour. Even the pork pie was fantastic, forming a late night supper alongside some chutney and the aforementioned cheese (perfect after a long run).

Of course, a taster hamper (which is what I received) is only a taster hamper. So while I loved the ham, lemon curd, Christmas Pudding and such-like, I found myself grumbling (a lot) that there wasn’t more. Still, this has to be seen as a good type of complaint. If nothing else, this little review hamper has won Forman & Field at least one more customer – Me.

Truthfully, raising the bar for other hamper suppliers to aspire to – check out Forman & Field for more Christmas Roasts and Mains.

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