Chocolate by Genevie

Chocolate is hard to resist. I’d recently made a decision to reduce the number of reviews I perform on this blog (i.e. the freebies I get sent in return for a mention), but when I got sent an email by Genevie offering me some luxury chocolates hand-made in Edinburgh…well, how could I refuse?



I wish I could tell you more than simply that they were delicious. There was no card in the box to tell me what was what, so I munched away happily at all of them (with help from both Mia and Gosia, suddenly but unsurprisingly interested in the review process) while trying to guess the flavours. Standing out by far was the white chocolate and Stilton truffle, the flavour of which was curious enough to have me stumped for a good few minutes.

Genevie makes the chocolates herself with the help of her family in Edinburgh; the chocolates came with such a sweet letter I couldn’t help but quote some of it:

My partner Kevin, my Mum and 1 year old son Luke help me with various parts of the production. Mum does the ribbons & boxes, Kevin made the website and updates this and little Luke likes to taste the chocolate! It’s a very small family venture that keeps us busy

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