Christmas Hamper

Interflora “Taste of Christmas” Hamper Review

A box arrived at my house this past week. It was black, cardboard and unassuming – but large and heavy. As I hadn’t ordered anything I was intrigued, so with the help of the ever-curious Mia, set about opening it.

Christmas Hamper

Inside the box was…a box! Well, technically speaking it was a wicker basket. I then prised open the basket to reveal a whole host of Christmas related goodies – cake, wine, tea, biscuits…You get the idea.

I don’t know who was more impressed; me with the contents of the Christmas hamper (thinking about my stomach), or Mia with the now empty black box (thinking about somewhere to play hide and seek)!

Christmas is an odd time. We start buying things we don’t bother much with the rest of the year, and for some reason this is normal. I guess indulgence is the key; there are no limits where fatty food, sweet food or alcohol are concerned. Rather than fight this strange trend, I happily go along with it and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be happy to know that this hamper ticks all the boxes, containing shortbread, wine (red and white), port, fudge, Christmas pudding…You name it. I know Interflora is known for flowers and not hampers (it’s in the name. Does anyone send Christmas flowers anyway?), but this hamper seems to be as good as any.

Looks like I’m going to be full of food and drink this Christmas!

The Interflora “Taste of Christmas” hamper is available from this link and costs £100.

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