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The Foragers’ Guide to Edible Wild Fruit & Berries

One of my earliest memories of foraging is that of walking along the side of a local railway line picking as many brambles (blackberries) as my rolled up t-shirt would hold (and then getting shouted at by my mother about why I had a purple t-shirt when I got home). I’m sure there isn’t a child in England who hasn’t done the same thing – or indeed, an adult who hasn’t done so as a child. I guess where I differ from most is that my love of foraging hasn’t disappeared as I’ve gotten older!

In my few years doing this I’ve expanded my options a little from the humble blackberry into other, more exciting fruits and berries. As I’ve done so – this autumn at least – I’ve taken snapshots of what I’ve found on my camera to share via this blog and as I find more I’ll keep coming back and updating this article.

Picking wild fruit and berries is a great way to get free and delicious food, many types of which you just can’t buy in the shops. Each fruit or berry pictured here is edible, simply click on the picture to read more information including recipe suggestions. If you are unsure that what you have found is the fruit pictured, DO NOT PICK IT. Luckily though most of these are really easy to identify, so what are you waiting for?

As a final note, if you have any additions to this list feel free to send me over a photograph and I’ll include it.

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