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Chilli Vodka Recipe

Last year I got a bit of a ticking off from Gosia for “taking over” the conservatory with tomato plants. “You’re not doing that again”, she said. “The conservatory looks a mess. You never said you were going to have so many plants”. So, like a good boy, I didn’t grow tomatoes this year. Instead, I grew chillies…

Chilli Vodka Photograph

Chilli Vodka. It burns!

Half a year after starting out, I have a chilli glut on my hands. I’m eating them, drying them and preserving them in oil but I still don’t seem to be able to use them up fast enough. Well, here’s one more use I’ve found for them…

While browsing the internet recently I found the “Sweet Heat Monthly Chilli Challenge“. I haven’t participated in a food blogging event for a while, so decided to take part. This is my entry, inspired by (read: copied from) the great Booze for Free book by Andy Hamilton.

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Recipe: Chilli Vodka

Summary: Chilli vodka packs a real kick. Try using it in a Bloody Mary cocktail for a warming treat!


  • 5 Chillis
  • 1 Bottle Vodka


  1. Wash your chillies and dry them well with paper towel.
  2. Open a bottle of vodka, pouring out a glass or so (to make room for the chillies).
  3. Pop the chillies into the bottle, then top back up with vodka and close.
  4. Leave for a few weeks to infuse. The colour of the vodka will change slightly, and the chilli taste will get stronger the longer you leave it.
  5. Try roughly once a week, and remove the chillies when you are happy with the heat.

Quick notes

Vary the amount of chillies depending upon how hot you want it. I went for quite a lot along the lines that I can remove them when I’m happy with the heat.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Cooking time:

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