A Slice of Cherry Pie – Cookbook Review

A Slice of Cherry Pie cookbook cover

A Slice of Cherry Pie

Regular readers of this blog and indeed of British food blogs in general will no doubt be familiar with Julia Parson’s blog A Slice of Cherry Pie. Julia is, after all, co-host of our regular food blogging event “In The Bag” (November edition ongoing), and was part of The Times World’s Top 50 Food Blogs list.

“A Slice of Cherry Pie: food, friends, life” is Julia’s first cookbook, but those of us that have been following her blog will know that she’s been writing about food for years. If you’ve been paying close attention, there have been tell tale signs of her rise for a while now: the launch of the UK Food Bloggers Association; the aforementioned inclusion in The Times; the cookbook announcement; the blog re-design. I could go on, but won’t. Suffice to say Julia is now firmly established as a favourite UK food blogger, with not only her own cookbook but recipe inclusions in others, too (check here and here for details).

Throughout “A Slice of Cherry Pie” Julia reminisces about her childhood and evokes memories about not only food but also about places and people. Family photographs are scattered throughout the book along with quotes from famous books creating an atmosphere that can only be described as nostalgic. I feel that she has managed to capture the tag-line of “food, friends, life” beautifully, but also managed to create a book that is perfect to read huddled up near the fire on a cold autumn / winter’s day.

The recipes are as always fantastic, displaying her traditional style of seasonal comfort food. What does stand out is the photography, with her food given the extra polish that it deserves.

Oh, one final note: there is a recipe for cherry pie. I wouldn’t have forgiven her if there wasn’t!

A Slice of Cherry Pie is out now on Absolute Press, and has an RRP of 16.99. You can buy it via my Amazon Store here for (at the time of writing) just 11.99.

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