September Wild Food Spotting

This article could also be known as “things I saw while walking the dog”, but that would kind of miss the point. Instead, consider this as a brief look at just some of the seasonal wild food that grows in hedgerows and woodland around the UK, all of which is available for free.



I’ve been interested in foraging (although admittedly not done an awful lot) since watching the first series of River Cottage back in 1998; the idea that I could eat real food without paying for it soon got my attention. This interest has been re-invigorated since I started reading the new “River Cottage: Hedgerow” book (review coming soon), and as a result I decided to take my camera with me on my latest dog walk to see what I could spot.



The countryside in summer may be known for flowers but the start of Autumn is equally beautiful and signified by the red of berries; the trees are covered in edible varieties, everything from the well known brambles / blackberries to the perhaps lesser known hawthorns and rosehips. In addition to this, a lot of the edible weeds from spring such as nettles and dandelions decide to put in a second appearance.



While hardly conclusive, I hope this little post encourages some of the more adventurous readers to head out and see what free food nature has to offer. There’s so much more out there to grab, and after taking these photos I spotted a patch of poppies growing at the end of our road as well as a (peculiarlylate in fruiting) wild cherry tree in a neighbours front garden. Click any of the images in the gallery below for more information on the pictured food.

If you know of any other seasonal wild food available for foraging, please let me know in the comments – I’ll thank you for it!

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