Beef, tomato and chilli stew

Autumn is here

I’ve been sitting here patiently waiting for the real summer to come along, but now – as of the 21st of September – autumn has appeared. Timed to perfection, the temperature has plummeted to “turn on the heating” weather over the last few days. Looking out of the window at the grey skies and wind blowing at the trees, it’s becoming obvious that any hope I was holding on to for a few more sunny days is pretty much gone.

It’s time to bring out the comfort food!

Beef, tomato and chilli stew

Beef, tomato and chilli stew

Sure, we’re not far enough in to autumn yet to have the typically photogenic fallen leaves but that still doesn’t stop me feeling the need to get something warm and filling on the go in the kitchen. I knew the timing was right when I flicked past (my “In The Bag” food blogging event co-host) Julia Parson’s recipe for “Beef, tomato and chilli stew” in the new “When You Entertain…” cookbook; with just a handful of ingredients and a touch of spice it was perfect for these colder days. I cooked and photographed it yesterday and can tell you it’s delicious, a perfect marker for the start of autumn.

There’s nothing more comforting than stepping in out of the cold to a house full of the aromas of a fresh cooked apple pie, and we’re already looking forward to dressing up Mia for her firstHalloween outing. And if the chilly weather gets too much, we have a trip to Cyprus planned within the next few weeks – a little escapism never hurt, after all.

What are the signs that you associate with autumn?

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