A Visit to Lincoln

We’ve had some relatives over recently so decided to show them some of what local England has to offer. First we tried York; it rained buckets and the trip was a washout, consisting of nothing more than a run from the car to a restaurant and back again (with a small stop in the middle to buy over-priced umbrellas). Next attempt was Lincoln which faired a bit better, and we managed to squeeze in still rather rushed visits to the Castle, Cathedral, and a few shops before we had to head home.

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

I’ve lived in Lincolnshire all my life, barring stupid regional name changes, but never really seen what the city of Lincoln has to offer. Sure, I’ve visited Lincoln before, but somehow managed to head straight to the “city centre” and bypass all the good bits.

Castle Square, Lincoln

Castle Square

This time around, we headed for the Castle first (beautiful), taking in sights such as the prison block, the (working) Crown Court, and Lucy Tower. Next up we rushed across Castle Square to the Cathedral, before heading out and down Steep Hill (yes, that’s the name), which is stuffed full of delicatessens, chocolatiers and cafs. We even managed to squeeze in a cup of tea before our parking ticket expired and we had to head off.

View inside Lincoln Castle Grounds


Now I’ve seen a little, I realise what I’ve been missing want to head back. How could I have lived so close, for so long, and not seen what a great foodie city Lincoln is? Next visit, Christmas – which seems to be approaching faster and faster each year – a sign of me getting old(er), I suspect.

Steep Hill

Steep Hill

Why not come along too?