Wild Strawberries

Words from Poland

I’m just back from a week in the Polish forest, and thought I’d treat you all as my virtual bored family members and therefore share a few holiday snapshots.

I’m actually still in Poland, but this year we also went away to a little town called Tlen which is basically a forest clearing with a railway station, handful of restaurants, and lakes, coupled with temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees c.

It’s quite suprising that in Polish forests (of which there seem to be loads) the lakes are often surrounded by sandy beaches.  Poles flock to these beaches, making the most of the hot weather despite the fact that the beaches are generally pretty well hidden.  In England, we’d probably chop down the forest to build a car park; now there’s progress for you!

We travelled by train and stayed in a wooden shack (albeit a rather fancy one) on the edge of the forest, and spent the week worrying about baby Mia who has now developed a throat infection (poor girl!).  Still, we managed to fit in the aforementioned walking, swimming, etc.

There’s a bit more writing below the photographs (photographs which were taken with my Blackberry and not a professional camera – yeah, there’s your usual “crap photo” disclaimer), which you should read, presuming you’re still interested.  And if you’re not, why are you still here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

While wandering through the Polish forest we picked and ate loads of wild strawberries, and while this was not terribly remarkable in itself (I’ve done the same in Scotland), these tasted just like Rasberry Bubble Gum.  You know, like you used to chew when you were a kid.  Wierd, huh?  More interesting perhaps is that the forests are full of wild blueberries.  Now, I know that Tesco back in the UK and the like sell blueberries at more than a quid for 100g, so surely it must be easy to pick yourself a hundred quids worth.  Methinks a certain supermarket is ripping us Brits off?

A final note relates to the last couple of photographs in the album below, taken at a roadside restaurant we stopped at on the drive home.  This restaurant consisted of 3 large BBQs, a wooden building and a load of outdoor tables.  We stopped, ate (the woman in the second to last picture is saying “no photographs please”; too late), and I have to say it beats a Ginster’s Cornish Pasty anyday.

See you in a week or so!

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