Hotel Chocolat, The Sleekster Cocktail Selection Review

Sleekster Cocktail SelectionJust before I went away to Poland (read this post) I was lucky enough to receive a box of the “Sleekster�Cocktail Selection” chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. �I happily munched my way through them even before my home team England were knocked out of the Word Cup – but perhaps least said, soonest mended on that sore subject.

These chocolates are basically alcoholic truffles (of which I’m not normally a fan; the acrid harshness of a whisky gone sour never really did it for me, whether encased in chocolate or not), with a slight twist. �The twist in this case is that they are intended to be served cold from the fridge – a sensible enough idea in the middle of summer as no-one really enjoys biting down on a soft lump of molten chocolate.

The flavours included in this selection are Margarita, Mojito, Indian Summer, Chocolate Martini, and Cosmopolitan, my personal favourite being the latter which despite being chilled was bursting with fruity flavours. �For anyone not familiar with the drink, incidentally (I wasn’t), a Cosmopolitan cocktail is made from vodka, orange�liqueur, cranberry and lime.

All together, these make a great alternative to traditional alcoholic chocolate truffles for anyone that is a fan although the box price of almost �20 will put some people off. �It is worth noting though that they are currently on offer at 2 boxes for �25 which is much better value for money and well worth taking advantage of.

Final note: The current�lack of recipes on this site (emphasis on current, as the following is not an excuse for my normal irregularity, which you’ll just have to live with) is due to my recent holiday and the fact that my daughter, Mia, unexpectedly went into hospital for a while towards the end of this with an infection. �She is OK now (touch wood), and I’ll get back to the grindstone, so to speak, very very soon.