Smirnoff Black Twitter Popup Bar

There’s always the moral debate to consider whenever, as a blogger, you receive an email offering you a freebie of whatever kind.  Now, wrangle with my conscience as I did, there was something about this latest offer that swung me: free vodka (and stuff to mix with it).

You’ll also have to forgive the photograph snapped with my mobile phone (as soon as I saw all the vodka cocktail related goodies that had arrived while I was out), as my  hands were shaking too much with anticipation to get out my “real” camera.

Smirnoff Black Cocktail Stuff

Smirnoff Black Cocktail Stuff

The premise goes something like this: Smirnoff are vodka experts and are making the most of social networking’s popularity by having a Smirnoff Black cocktail mixing session tomorrow at 7pm (24/06/2010) on Twitter (

Put simply, a “mixologist” will share various tweets explaining how to make some hopefully delicious cocktails, and we’ll all sit at home making a mess of it while getting merrily drunk.  I’m certainly up for it, and if the contents of the free hamper I received (pictured) are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

And if this all seems a little bit too much like advertising for you, lighten up.  Fancy a drink?