Hairy Bikers Cookbook Give-away!

It’s been a while since I gave anything away to my regular readers, so let’s make up for that with a freebie courtesy of npower and the Hairy Bikers. “The Big Cook Off” event (it sounds like “kick off”, get it?) is timed to coincide with Britain and the World going crazy as the football World Cup starts.

The book features recipes themed around the countries participating in the World Cup, so is bound to be a diverse and interesting bag.  The inclusion of the Hairy Bikers is bound to draw interest (I, for one, love ‘em), and each recipe is rated depending on the amount of energy that its preparation requires, linking in with their smartpower initiative.

To win a hard copy of the book all you have to do is leave a comment anywhere on this blog (including on this article) any time up to Sunday 6th of June 2010.  The winner will then be chosen at random and the book sent out to them.


For anyone who doesn’t win, no need to despair; npower are also offering the book for free in PDF format, as featured below:

Are you ready for The Big Cook Off?

In addition to this, npower have managed to get Hairy Bikers to record several video versions of recipes included on their very own YouTube channel.  The one I’ve picked out (below this text) is for their Steak and Ale Pie recipe, which represents England.