Sweet Potato and Cranberry Salad

ITB: Christmas 09 Roundup (and being under ice)

What a strange winter.  Last thing I remember, there was a summit about global warming, then I opened my presents, and next thing *BAM* – Britain is covered under a sheet of snow and ice.  I can barely get my car out of the street, let alone think about what to cook next. What happened there, then?

NASA photograph of UK under ice

Britain Under Ice

In amongst all of the snow/slush, I’ve somehow managed to salvage the entries for Christmas 2009’s Seasonal Food Blogging Event “In The Bag“.  For this even I challenged food bloggers to come up with a dish using the ingredients of cranberries, clementines or mandarines, and nuts.  We’re not exactly bursting at the seams with entries, but what we have are corkers; check them out below.

This month (January) sees In The Bag return to Julia at A Slice of Cherry Pie. What will she have in store? Only one way to find out, details soon…

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