A Zebra Cake Re-lapse

When I was sent these pictures recently of the Realepicurean reader Jane’s version of our Zebra Cake recipe, I couldn’t resist but to share them with you.  She baked it for her daughter Courtney’s 13th Birthday back in August (a belated Happy birthday, Courtney!), and it looks fantastic.

Zebra Cake

Our Zebra Cake

Unlike ours, which was served “bare” (that is, without any icing), Jane has shown she has some real talent in the kitchen by fashioning hers into a handbag (below).  Style is honestly lost on me (I’m a man, it stands to reason), but that just looks great, doesn’t it?

Jane's Zebra Cake (1)

Jane's Zebra Cake, in the making.

Counrtney's 13th Zebra Cake (1)

Jane's Zebra Cake (2)

The challenge is on.  Can you do an even better job of baking a Zebra Cake than Jane did?

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