Still here; still too busy!

It’s now more than 2 months since baby Mia (pictured) was born, and I still haven’t blogged a recipe yet.  I don’t really feel like I need to apologise (I’m enjoying time with Mia, working full time, and  studying for a degree from home – something I should have done when I was younger like most other people), but here it is anyway.  Sorry for not updating the site in a while!

I'mwatching you!

I'm watching you!

I’m no La tartine Gourmande, that’s for sure – Bea was already blogging within a couple of weeks of giving birth to Lulu (and well done to her for doing so!).  I honestly didn’t realise how much time out of your life a little baby can take.

It’s important not to lose sight.  I still love to eat good food , but hardly find the time to take photographs and blog about it.  Just the other day I had a delicious salad of mixed tomatoes (black, green, yellow and red varieties) with rocket and balsamic vinegar that I’m sure would have looked so good in a photograph, if I’d have bothered taking one.  Some of those tomatoes (bright orange and super sweet Sungold type) were grown in my conservatory; despite not knowing what I’m doing, they’re coming out just fine and I’ll be doing the same next year.

I’ve been in the kitchen a fair bit recently, too, so I can feel a few recipe posts for the blog brewing.  My blackcurrant jam turned out much better than last year (adding the sugar later was the key), and I have a pork bolognese recipe I just need to share with you all. Perhaps more exciting (to geeks like me); I can see hawthorns, rosehips and elderberries growing in a local hedgerow which are just crying out to be picked, when the time is right.

Finally, I haven’t forgotten the cookbook giveaway I promised a couple of weeks ago.  I pick (drumroll please)….Jennifer H!  30 years of canned food is way too much.  The book is yours!

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