ITB February Roundup

Before I start rambling let me just tell you the purpose of this little post.  Basically a few weeks ago I invited food bloggers from around the world to join in with our challenge “In the Bag”, whereby dishes must be cooked using a group of pre-chosen seasonal ingredients – white chocolate, pomegranates, and passion fruit.  That basically means that the recipes you see here are designed by cooks brave enough to rise to the challenge of creating great seasonal food – and I’m sure you’ll agree that they all deserve great thanks as a result.

Now on to my ramble.  Despite hosting this month’s edition of “In The Bag” (next month’s host is Julia, one of the World’s Top 50 Food Blogs.  I’m sure she’ll be announcing March’s event soon so make sure not to miss it), I didn’t even manage to submit an entry.  It’s not for lack of ideas (Pomegranate Turkish Delight has been rattling around in my head for weeks, as has the delicious Passion Fruit Curd), but through my usual “last minute” style falling flat on its face as I realised no shops in my town had either passion fruit or pomegranates, including the local Tesco.  Isn’t it strange that you don’t notice something is missing until you try and find it?

Click on any image for more information and a link to the recipe.

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