Sliwki w Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate)

Sliwki w Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate)

Otherwise known as the rather easier to pronounce “plums in chocolate“; a very popular sweet in Poland, and with very good reason – they’re delicious!

Sliwka w Czekoladzie / Plums in Chocolate

Sliwki w Czekoladzie / Plums in Chocolate

My wife introduced these to me a few years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since; needless to say I’ve been munching copious amounts all through Christmas.� I’m sure you could even try soaking the dried plums (read: prunes.� That term has become very unfashionable in recent years, but a dried plum and a prune are one in the same!) in alcohol for a little more kick, if you feel the desire.

Sliwki w Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate) Recipe

This one is so easy you barely need an ingredients list: a piece of greaseproof paper, a bag a dried plums/prunes, a large bar of milk chocolate and a bag of nuts (we used hazelnuts and almonds) are all that’s required.� The nuts are optional, by the way.

  • Start by melting the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a pot of simmering water.� Once melted leave to thicken slightly, this will make things easier (very runny chocolate is a nightmare).
  • While you’re waiting for the chocolate to cool slightly pop one nut into each plum; use the hole where the stone was.
  • Take a toothpick or similar and stab the plum; dip into the chocolate and then place onto a peice of greaseproof paper.� It’s easiest to remove them from the toothpick with another one, unless you fancy getting sticky chocolatey fingers.
  • Allow to harden somewhere cool and then enjoy!

Oh. and we’ve sprinkled a few decorative chocolate stars (bought from the supermarket) onto the top of ours to look pretty, but that’s in no way mandatory.

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