Rosemary Shrager’s School For Cooks

I have vague memories of when I first saw Rosemary Shrager on TV around 7 years ago with her series “Castle Cook” on Channel 5;  I remember mistaking her initially for Clarissa Dickson-Wright (of 2 Fat Ladies fame), who, in retrospect, she looks nothing like.  Oops – that’s one hell of a mistake to make.

Rosemary has gone from strength to strength since then and it now seems she’s been on our boxes for ever.  Her almost head mistress like personality have made her perfect for her own cooking school’s transition to TV, and hugely entertaining on Ladette to Lady.

School For Cooks” is her brand new book based on the TV series of the same name.  The official introduction states “Rosemary’s passion for cooking and teaching makes impressive dishes achievable for the everyday family cook” and certainly seems to be true, reflecting the modern haute cuisine for which she is famous in an educational, down to earth manner.

The photography is also second to none, featuring mouth wateringly over saturated images which are irresistable.  Certainly attention grabbing is the “Beetroot Consomme with Wild Mushroom Ravioli” which is so garishly purple and silky smooth looking that it just has to be tried!

Title:  School For Cooks

Author(s):  Rosemary Shrager

Published:  01 August 2008

Available to purchase from our Amazon Store and all other good bookshops!