Mum’s Birthday Cake

I’ve had a strange kind of “Christmassy” feeling this past few days. I’m going to put that down to me sitting on my arse drinking wine, wet and cold weather outside (leading to floods all over the UK, again), and the smell of baking filling the house. Oh, the joys!

The baking this time around is for good reason – my Wife (Gosia) has been busy preparing a birthday cake for my Mum’s 60th birthday. An excellent choice of cake, too – Nigella Lawson’s Autumnal Birthday Cake (from How to be a Domestic Goddess) – oozing with the taste of maple syrup and pecans, and covered in gooey sticky meringue mixture. What’s more, Gosia baking means I get to be a bit of a pain by licking the remains out of the cake mixture bowl (don’t do this at home though – uncooked eggs, as Gosia pointed out)!

Since it’s Nigella’s recipe I’m not going to repeat it here – but I did notice another blog that has, and would suggest heading over there.

Oh, and in typical English style, yesterdays torrential rain has been cast aside in what appears to be a Summer resurgence today – hence the cake photograph taken outside!

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