Back from Poland…

Isn’t it peculiar how we remember the strangest things?  Take my recent holiday to Poland (of which I am only just back) for example.  We stayed in a beautiful wooden house next to a lake in the forest, visited beautiful cities (Gdansk, Sopot) and saw one of the largest castles in Europe (Malbork).  From all of this, what do you guess I remember most about this trip?

Photograph of a frog in Poland

Yep, you guessed it (perhaps rather obvious given the photograph, taken by my Wife) – Frogs.  From big ones to tiny ones the size of your thumbnail (which oddly seem to exist in abundance in the forest miles from the closest lake), they’re everywhere.  Still, they seemed to keep both the storks which visited our garden each morning and my Wife’s dog entertained for hours on end!

Just time before I disappear to remind you all that I am the host of this month’s “Does My Blog Look Good In This” food photography event.  You can read more about it here, and check back in the next few days for the image gallery.

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