“Asian Bites” Cookbook Review

Asian Bites Cookbook

Ever become stuck in a food rut? I know that personally I go through phases; right now I’m in my “stir fried veggies” phase; one that seems to come around every time I gain a few pounds and want to make myself feel healthy again. Still, there’s only so much mixed veg’ and noodles you can eat before you need some inspiration – and that’s why I’m glad this book has come along.

It’s been a while since I’ve been really inspired by a cookbook. Sure, Jamie Oliver’s latest “Jamie at Home” was pretty good, if unoriginal. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s “Fish” was great too, but still didn’t bring really make me itch to get into the kitchen.

So what does “Asian Bites” do different? Well, what better than fresh, vibrant Asian food when the Spring weather starts to turn around? Couple that with a fresh, easy to read yet contemporary design and you’re on to a winner.

I’m becoming pretty bored with generic cookbooks and this one manages to break the mould. How about some of the more simple yet delicious recipes; Spring onion pancakes (Pa jeon), with just a handful of ingredients, or Chinese barbecue spare ribs (Paigu) – which has to be the easiest, tastiest version I’ve ever seen?

I’ll openly admit I’m no expert on Asian cuisine but this surely has to be right where its at, right now. A perfect example of how food should be done!

Title: Asian Bites

Author(s): Tom Kime

Published: 03 March 2008

Available to purchase from our Amazon Store and all other good bookshops!

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