“One Perfect Ingredient” Cookbook

One Perfect Ingredient

I might just be the last person to get around to reviewing this cookbook, but there’s a lot to take in. Anyone who remembers Marcus Wareing’s last great book “How to Cook the Perfect…” will know that he is a perfectionist. Although his food may express contemporary simplicity, the processes in creating it are honed to perfection and leave little room for error.

So what about this book? Well, the idea is a simple one; take an ingredient and give us three different dishes to cook with it. The title says it all, really. As for the quality of the recipes, there’s no way I’m going to criticize the cooking of a 2 Michelin starred chef!

What is suprisingly refreshing (especially for a lazy cook like me) is the pure ease behind some of these recipes; pea and Broad Bean Salad with Manchego cheese, for example. How hard can it be? And how about that classic Baked Egg Custard, made from just sugar, cream and eggs?

One Perfect Ingredient… is almost there. The idea of a book that I can use much as an encyclopedia when I have an ingredient and I’m not sure what to do with it is appealing. Unfortunately at just 218 pages though, the book just isn’t long enough to do that. Perhaps organising it seasonally (i.e. this is in season; here’s how to cook it) might also have worked well – even if its not the most original of concepts.

In summary this is a great book with some really simple easy to follow recipes which are sure to impress. It’s unlikely to go down as a classic but is still a worthy addition to any aspiring chef’s collection.

Title: One Perfect Ingredient: Three Ways to Cook it

Author(s): Marcus Wareing

Published: 11 March 2008

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