ITB October and Let the Chicken Out!

First things first. Last months seasonal food blogging event “In The Bag” was a great success, so thank-you to everyone concerned. It did, however, appear that I missed an entry – Apple Clove Bread from SmitaServesYouRight. I think I owe a massive apology for that!

This month (October) “In The Bag” is looking even better with a fantastic choice of seasonal ingredients: Pumpkins, Mushrooms and Leeks. Think you can cook anything with some of that lot? Head on over to A Slice of Cherry Pie (or click the logo in my sidebar) for more information!

Chicken Out!Finally, some of you perhaps know that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is running a new campaign to try and improve the quality of life for chickens – in particular, the disgusting practise of battery farming broiler chickens. You know how passionately we feel about this, and if you too support this great cause head to and show your support – turning a blind eye does not mean it’s not your responsibility!

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