In The Bag: September (a food blogging event)

I’d like to invite anyone who cares about seasonal food to join me here for a food blogging event on Saturday the 29th of September. It’ll be fun, I promise!

The aim – to create a dish (or more) of your choice from a selection of pre-chosen seasonal food items. Simple as that! Read on for more information.

The September bag contains: Fruit!

A Food Blogging Event

I’m not specifying the fruits this time around, simply choose whatever is seasonal where you live. For me, that’s such delights as blackberries, pears and tomatoes.

Simply create a recipe before the cut off date, email me the link to scott [at] realepicurean [dot] com , and I’ll feature it here. Tagging it with “in the bag” or “itb” would be great, too, as would usage of the logo above – but it’s entirely your choice. If you want to be bored by some more rules (which lets face it, are fairly flexible), please click here.

“In The Bag” is a joint event held by myself, Cherry’s English Kitchen, and A Slice of Cherry Pie.

Oh, and if you check back here in a couple of days I will be reviewing the latest cookbook to come from the camp of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, the River Cottage Mushroom Handbook (click the link for more information). My shiny signed copy arrived a couple of days ago with the great looking River Cottage Mushroom Magic DVD and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!