How NOT to diet…

Now I’m far from old, but I’m starting to get to that age where a lack of exercise and far too much “good eating” is starting to catch up with me; a little rounder on the face – a little larger in the belly. It’s time for a diet.

Chocolate Slab

But here’s the situation. By matter of fate, a large slab of chocolate managed to find it’s way in front of me this past week. To make it worse, the chocolate is nothing less than half a kilo of the finest from Hotel Chocolat. How could I resist? No, really, how can I resist??

Still, that’s only half a kilo in weight – which can surely be offset by munching salad leaves throughout the day, can’t it?

This one’s morish. Veering clear of dark chocolate (my personal favourite), the “Caramel Fusion Slab” mixes swirls of both caramel and milk chocolate into one big big serving. Whereas the bitterness of dark chocolate means that one square is often enough, it’s almost impossible to resist munching this one until you feel (as in my case) rather sick…

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