A Trip to the Highlands

Just back from a trip to the Highlands in Scotland; stayed for a week along side Loch Awe in a small cottage. Here’s a few photos taken with a lot of enjoyment, but a distinct lack of talent.

Loch Awe

Some of the highlights:

  • Taking a paddle boat with an outboard motor across the loch in the hope of catching trout for dinner (with no real idea how to fish). Caught none. Did find wild garlic growing alongside a small river, but decided it wouldn’t make a dinner all by itself…
  • My wife trying fresh Oysters (served by me in my favourite way with a dash of Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon). She spat it back out into the shell and refused to eat any more…
  • A day spent on a boat “whale watching”. No whales to be seen, but I went home with a face looking like a cooked lobster (which is now peeling!)…

Boats near Oban

Hope you guys all have a great summer too, wherever your travels happen to take you.

Rest and Be Thankful

Note: Did I happen to mention that I’m hosting the great Weekend Herb Blogging on the 26th of August? Didn’t think so. Email me your recipes (to scott [at] realepicurean [dot] com) before then to be included. Look forward to seeing you all there!