Does My Blog Look Good In This?

Hey, look here! I finally get to host the great Does My Blog Look Good In This? event. I’m really not worthy, since my own photographs are nowhere near the standard of some of the regular entrants for this event…

If you don’t know…It’s a fun event where you send me a photograph used on your site, I feature them on this site, and then a few judges pick winners for a few pre-selected categories (‘Eatability’, ‘Aesthetics’, and ‘Originality’). Simple, huh?

Rules for ‘Does My Blog Look Good In This?’

  • One entry per person
  • Photo must be taken by you
  • Photo must have been posted on your blog in April of 2007
  • Deadline is May 22th at midnight GMT (UK)

How to join in…

Send an email to scott [at] realepicurean [dot] com before midnight on May 22nd with the subject DMBLGIT and the following information…

  • One food or drink photo that matches the rules above(attached, please).
  • Your name
  • Your URL / Blog name
  • The URL the post photograph was used in
  • The photograph name (if applicable)

Hmmn, I think that’s everything. I’m so very disorganised. Remember the idea is to play the game, not to win. Honest!