Seasonal Food: April

Seasonal Food For April Note: This is the third part of an ongoing series of posts highlighting seasonal food, which should hopefully help you in finding fresh produce. Although I’m from the UK, I hope the tips apply to elsewhere, too.

April’s a great month, more then not. Sure, there’s the odd day where it seems like winter again, but there’s a damn site more where you feel like it’s almost summer – only without the stifling humidity to go with it.

Because of all the sun, all manner of veggies and herbs are now in full flow. Easter is here with all the traditionalities, Spring Lambs are on their way, and England has St. Georges day to look forward to. It’s a wonderful time to be a foodie!

Vegetables: April is a great month for fresh young and leafy vegetables such as rocket, sorrel (wild and cultivated), and spring onions. Radishes are just coming into season, purple sprouting broccoli is still with us for a while, and delicious jersey royal potatoes are on their way.

A trip out to your herb garden (you have got a herb garden haven’t you?) will show you that almost everything is growing great, too. In mine that’s rocket, rosemary, parsley, parsnip leaves, mint / chocolate mint, sage, parsley…

Fruits: Rhubarb (actually a vegetable) is still great throughout April – so you should get hold of some before it disappears.

Meat and Fish: Of course traditionally Lamb is very traditional at this time of year – despite the fact that the term “Spring Lamb” refers to when they are born – not when they are ready for eating. Cockles are also in season right now, and you might find some sea trout and salmon, too.

In light of an exceptionally warm winter, you might even be lucky and find some of May’s seasonal food arriving early. Enjoy it!

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