The Chicken Or The Egg?

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Well, it was the egg, of course. It was made of chocolate, and I’m rather pleased with it, actually (in fact, I’d be rather disappointed with a chocolate chicken).

Exubertantly Fruity Egg

I’m sure you’ve noticed how much of a rip-off Easter is from a marketing point of view. You’ll go to the shop to buy the kids a cheap egg, and walk away with the equivalent of a couple of bars of Dairy Milk (only egg shaped), at the seasonally bumped up price of ļæ½5 or more.

Now the egg I’m reviewing here is a different kettle of fish altogether. The chocolate is high quality, so justifies the high price tag (ļæ½18) on it’s own – not just because Easter exploitation allows it to. This egg is the Exuberantly Fruity Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

If you’re familiar with Hotel Chocolat you’ll know how they focus solely on high quality, real chocolate – as opposed to the sugary low cocoa variety which seems to have dominated our shops these days. While I might not generally buy it because of the higher price tag that comes with it, I can certainly ethically agree with their goals.


The Exuberantly Fruity Egg has a number of differences which make it stand out from most others. First, the shell is very thick, as can be seen from the photos – a welcome step away from the mass market thin shells. Second, the shell is made from a combination of Milk and White Chocolate, with chunks of dehydrated raspberry running through it – a perfect combination – with raspberry and chocolate working perfectly together.


It’s gluten free and also alcohol free, too. I’ll admit that the lack of alcohol made the idea of the truffles (of which there are 12, in 6 different fruity flavours) instantly unappealing to me – however once tasting their acidic fruity sharpness I was soon thrown back into it’s favour, with the Mango being my favourites.

If there’s any criticism of the egg at all (other then the high price tag), it would be that the name doesn’t fully sum up what can be expected from the deeply raspberry flavoured shell, and that might disappoint some who didn’t take the time to read the ingredients. The raspberry seeds get stuck in your teeth too, but we can hardly complain about that, can we?

My final thought? Long live real chocolate – even if you do have to pay a little bit more for it.