Seasonal Food: March

Note:  This is the second part of an ongoing series (of which this is the first) of posts highlighting seasonal food, which should hopefully help you in finding fresh produce.  Although I’m from the UK, I hope the tips apply to elsewhere, too.

Hooray for March – which brings with it promises of Spring and sunshine, with daffodils blooming and all manner of greenery starting to grow.  From a culinary sense, this is exactly what we are looking for, too.

Vegetables: March brings with it one of my favourites, Purple Sprouting Broccoli – which is delicious steamed with a simple dip – and also Beetroot and Radishes (did you know you can eat the leaves of both?).  Leeks and spring onions should be doing quite good, too – and a peer into your herb garden should show that both your chives, parsley and mint have also started growing.

In the hedgerow (i.e. the local Nature Reserve) I’ve noticed small shoots of Sorrel and Nettles growing already – so a Nettle Soup can’t be too far away, either.

Fruits: The most enticing this month is surely Rhubarb – which you should be able to find fresh if you’re lucky as well as forced.  A lot of imported citrus fruits (such as Oranges) are just reaching the end of their season – so you might want to grab some zing while you can.

Meat and Fish: Not much going on with meat right now since the game season finished except Hare – which is good to the end of the month, but we’re onto a winner with fish – both Sardines and Lobster are fresh right now.  You might even scrape some fresh Salmon if you’re lucky – so it’s a good month all round!

This one’s certainly been a warm Winter (hottest in last 150ish years, apparantly), so let’s look forward to a great Spring and Summer – with plenty of fresh food for us to eat!

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