Burn’s Night: I missed it!

Picture of Scottish PiperHonestly I did remember that it was Burn’s Night last week on January the 25th, and while I unfortunately didn’t have time to go to a restaurant to celebrate (due to work), I did make a mental note to cook up a few Scottish recipes for it.

Despite being half Scottish (and therefore having a patriotic Father who’d kill me for forgetting), my memory is truly like a sieve – and the mental note went forgotten until I stumbled across this post on Nami Nami about Burn’s Night and thought – “Damn! That’s what I forgot!”.

Here’s a couple of recipes from the Archives which would be perfect for any Scottish themed evening – both easy to prepare yet tasty enough to convert even the most ardent haggis hater into a whisky drinking, kilt wearing Scotsman (ok, maybe not the last bit) – at least for one evening!


To Start…

First selection up is our Haggis with Drambuie Sauce, which is perfect served as either a starter or a small main course. There’s no reason why you couldn’t go all traditional and pierce open the Haggis in front of your guests, having the sauce ready on the side (as opposed to served in a ramekin, as in this recipe).

And For Desert…

Easily the most elegant of Scottish deserts, the Cranachan. This is a concoction of raspberries, cream and oats with a dose of whisky for good measure. What could go wrong?