Bird Flu: What do you think? – Results

This post is to round up the results of our recent poll “Bird Flu: What do you think?”. Thank-you to everyone who voted and / or supplied feedback, either via the comments or by emailing myself. It’s appreciated!

As I think is evident from these results, nearly everybody agreed that the Bernard Matthews incident was (at least partly) their own fault – whether as a result of overcrowding (which enables the disease to spread fast), international trade (i.e. carcasses travel all over the world – and for little purpose), or many other factors.

The results are…

Unfortunately this poll has now been closed and removed!

I’ll admit that the results of the poll may also be a little biased – my original article expressed my own views quite clearly, which perhaps set a tone for the voting already – so in future, my personal views will be kept to a minimum (hey – I run a blog, not an independent news agency!).

I’d like to take the time again to thank everyone who provided input, whether negative or positive – in particular Mary Alice Pollard from Cornwall’s Voice For Animals who has since provided a lot of information – such as pointing me in the direction of the excellent and topical book “Bird Flu – A Virus Of Our Own Hatching” by Michael Gregor.

Polls will now be ongoing on a weekly basis; the next one will start on 12/02/2007 (or 02/12/2007 if you’re in America – you confusing bunch!).