A Fixed Form and Three Things More

It’s been a busy week – too much work and not enough time to cook, let along blog about it.

Firstly, it turns out that my contact page was broken – for how long I don’t know, but a big thanks to Cathy for letting me know (if anyone sent me any messages recently, please send them again). Turns out I’d also buggered up my coding a little, meaning this site wouldn’t validate – this is also now sorted.

Are you still reading? Here’s the second part of this post – a meme called “Three Things”, which I read about over at Brilynn’s site. I wasn’t actually tagged, but Brilynn left an open invitation, which I’ve jumped on.

The Three Things Meme

Three things that scare me: death (sorry), baking (why won’t it rise, damnit!), and my Wife.

People who make me laugh: Billy Connolly, Ricky Gervais, and my Wife.

Three things I love: Good food (of course), When a plan “comes together”, and my Wife.

Three things I hate: Trying to take a food photograph with no natural light (tips, please!), violence, and my Wife (Not really. I just wanted to keep the pattern going).

Three things I don’t understand: Why I just got turned down for that job, food photography (but I’m trying), and my Wife (no, seriously).

Three things on my desk: My computer (as you’d expect), my University books (I’m studying Social Science at the moment), and a pile of bills (all thankfully paid).

Three things I want to do before I die: Have children, become rich (hey, why not?), and live to 100 (at least, please)

Three things I can do: I’m scraping the barrel here – Drive, Blog, and Manage food production within a high-speed manufacturing environment (hah! It’s my job)

Three things you should listen to: This website, Jazz music, and anything my Wife says (or God help you)

Three things you should never listen to: Supermarkets, Newspapers (damn Media sensationalism), and Vampires (they’ll convert you, damnit!)

Three things I’d like to learn: To speak different languages, how to dance (I’m terrible), and how to ice-skate (again, terrible)

Three favourite foods: Mexican Mole, Polish Bigos, and Greek Stifados – I like simple things : )

Three beverages I drink regularly: Water (2 litres a day), Earl Grey Tea, and Grapefruit Juice

Three TV shows I watched as a kid: Knightmare (great UK show), Sooty (don’t knock the panda), and Funhouse (fairly crappy actually – but I’m struggling to remember more)

Three blogger friends that I am going to tag: I’m choosing what I consider to be “new” blogs (to me) here – let’s try and make some new friends. The Serendipitous Chef, Coconut & Lime, and Cinnamon Dots.