The Spice Rack

When I was browsing the internet this week, I saw the interesting subject “A Spice Rack” over at the website Rubber Slippers In Italy.

The premise is easy enough – ask yourselves a bunch of predefined questions about the spices you have lying around on your spice rack. It appealed to me since nearly all my spices (dried herbs at least) are from my own garden. My answers are below…

1. Which is the most indispensable spice on your rack?

For mine, probably Oregano. It’s something that grows incredibly well just about all year, and changes simple Pasta with oil and tomatoes into a full meal. It is symbolic of Italian cooking.

2. Which is the most used? This is determined by a near empty bottle compared to the others.

This one has to be dill. I use it sprinkled with rock salt onto salmon fillets as they cook to create a crispy glaze; my wife uses this sprinkled on potatoes for all occasions, and in practically everything else. It makes scallops (my favorite) absolutely delicious.

3. Which is the least used?

Dried ginger. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

4. Is there a spice or seasoning that you just learned about and would like to add to your collection?

Not that I can think of. I know what I am lacking though – good quality Saffron. When you buy this spice in the UK it seems to be all colour and no flavour.

5. Are there any health remedies that you practice with the use of spices?

To fight off cold and flu, we use garlic (the spice) mixed with hot milk and honey as a drink. It’s strangely delicious, actually, but most people will take a little convincing of that.

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