A Week In The Life Of…

There was an article I read recently over at Posh n Becks which suggested it might be interesting for foodbloggers (such as myself) to record everything they ate for a week, and then blog about it.

It seemed like an interesting concept, until I started it. Is my diet really so poor? I can see my New Year’s resolution coming already…


Oats topped with jam for breakfast (nice and hot for those cold Winter mornings), with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Busy day, no time for lunch – but honey and mustard glazed roast pork in the early evening (with all the trimmings). A couple of cheap and nasty coffees at motorway service stations, too.

In the spirit of unoriginality, oats again for breakfast, with a cup of Earl Grey – this time with a slice of lemon. Lunch is a few slices of chili coated salami, toast, and a couple of kabanos. Evening Meal – Chinese takeaway. I had Chicken Foo-Yung, and my wife had Beef With Tomatoes (better then it sounds). Enjoyed with a bottle of Desperados Beer (which is great).

Breakfast today was the duplicate of lunch yesterday – some toast, sliced meat, and some smoked sausage. Skipped lunch; Salmon topped with a little mayonnaise, served with a mixed leaf and orange salad in the evening. Enjoyed a bottle of indistinct white wine with this one.


Some rather natty pancakes for breakfast, with Nutella and Banana rolled up inside, drank with Orange Juice (with bits in – of course!). Lunch was skipped in favor of a winter vegetable soup – a lot of organic root veg boiled up in some strong chicken stock and pureed with a touch of double cream.


Great simple breakfast today – toast topped with a chopped up banana, which was then smashed up with the back of a fork – delicious. Garlic baguette for lunch – not ideal, but forced upon me due to work. Evening meal was a simple jacket potato with beans and cheese. Some very local Lincoln & York Coffee drank with this.

Skipped breakfast again – that’s what work does for you. In the evening we rustled up a very unauthentic Chicken Curry, served with a home made Naan (which I blogged about a couple of days later). Of course I played to the stereotype and had a couple of beers (Polish “Lech”) with the curry.


Finally a day off work, and a nicely spread out assortment of meats and sausage for breakfast. For lunch a simple slice of coffee cake with a Latte at the local cafe. Off to my parent’s in the evening, where my Dad rustled up a cabbage and sausage soup (again, better then it sounds).