Pumpkin Seeds – A Free Meal

Pumpkin seeds (Pepitas) are one of the “superfoods” on this planet, with a very high mineral content. They assist men with prostate problems, while reducing the effects of Arthritis. What’s more, they’re free – buy a pumpkin, get the seeds for nothing.

Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Most people seem baffled by these seeds, and throw them in the bin when the pumpkin is used. For some reason people aren’t aware of how delicious they are when just cooked, and their nutty, almost popcorny smell fills the air.

Pumpkin Seeds Recipe – Method

  • Scoop out the seeds from inside a pumpkin, removing any fleshy bits, place in a bowl, and wash.
  • Dry with a tea towel to remove any left over flesh.
  • Lay flat on a plate to dry overnight
  • Heat a large pan, placing the seeds inside when hot
  • Continue to heat, tossing occassionaly, until seeds start to pop

And to serve…

Remove from heat, place in a bowl, and sprinkle with salt. Give them a good shake to coat, and allow to cool. Some people remove the outers from the seeds to expose the smaller seed within, however this is not neccessary.