EBBP #6: Directly From Sweden

This was my first EBBP, and boy, did I love it. The basic idea is that Foodbloggers (such as myself) send away an interesting package of food, and receive one in return from a different country. It’s just like Christmas!

Euro Blogging By Post

My package arrived today, and it’s from Dagmar over at the excellent A Cat In The Kitchen website. I’d visited the site before so was already familiar with this Swedish lady who was raised in Poland, which gives us something in common (of course – my wife is Polish – you didn’t know already?).

Upon opening the package I was greeted with the most intriguing of aromas – what smelled like liquorice tea, and turned out not to be too far from it. Please read on for the items I received (and Dagmar, please forgive me if I haven’t used the appropriate squiggles and accents!).

Djungelvral: As Dagmar describes this, it’s a hot salty liquorice (at the top of the photo). It’s the first thing I smelled when I opened the package, and will be one of the first things I try.

Miniatyr Geletoppar -Krujbar: Small gooseberry flavoured jelly sweets, on the right of the photograph. Hey, I love gooseberries!

Kex Choklad: Small chocolate wafers, of which I received 6, as you can see. I’m beginning to see a pattern of a lady here who loves her sweets!

Hojtblandning (Autumn Mix): The most interesting item in the package in my eyes. This must have been the tea I smelled when I first opened the box, which is made with red currants, cranberries, vanilla, and more. I drink tea a lot (cutting down on the coffee), so this will be perfect!

Kalles Kaviar: I can’t speak Swedish but managed to roughly guess the contents of this blue tube, which it turns out is excellent on an egg sandwich.

Biscotti With Lingonberries and White Chocolate: The pride and joy of this package in both my and my Wife’s eyes. This came in a beautiful heart shaped tin, and was the first thing we both went to. These are delicate biscuits, which filled the air with their delicious scent when the tin was opened. We tried these first, and I’m happy to say that they were amazing.

A massive thankyou from both me and my Wife for this amazing little hamper. Make sure to check out A Cat In The Kitchen after reading this article.