WHB #49: Wild Mushrooms on Toast

Mushrooms again? Well, it is that season. This weekend my Wife and I went to the local forest and came back (again) reasonably unsuccessful, this time with 3 medium sized ceps. It’s not enough for much of a dinner, but Mushroom on Toast (fried in garlic butter) just about fits the bill.

Sticky Bun Mushroom

Sticky Bun Mushroom

Not all is bad though. Last weekend we went up to Whitby (more on this in later posts), stopped off in a forest in the North Yorkshire Moors, and came back with a basket full of Ceps (and friends – like the ‘Sticky Bun’ in the photo above) – which are now hanging and drying happily in our kitchen.

Wild Mushrooms on ToastThere’s more. Spot the ‘WHB’ in the topic? That means ‘Weekend Herb Blogging’, an event hosted by the foodblog Kalyn’s Kitchen. Basically, foodbloggers (which includes me) decide to create a post about herbs (or vegetables, or similar), which is submitted solely for the event. Sounds like fun, so I wanted in!

Anyway, on to the recipe. It’s not even a recipe as such really, but is an excellent way to enjoy freshly picked mushrooms, especially if you have a collection of different types (such as Ceps and relatives, Chanterelles, etc). The mushrooms are fried briskly in butter with a little garlic and sage (which incidentally also grows in my garden), placed on fresh toast, and served.

Simple, but probably the best way to enjoy the uncomplicated taste of fresh mushrooms.

Wild Mushrooms on Toast Recipe – Ingredients

  • Handful of freshly picked wild mushrooms
  • 50g (1.8 oz) Unsalted Butter
  • 1 Clove Garlic, finely chopped
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • 3 Sage Leaves, torn up
  • 1 slice of White Bread, per person

Wild Mushrooms on Toast Recipe – Method

  1. Fry the butter in a pan over a moderate heat
  2. Add the garlic, sage, and roughly chopped mushrooms, frying until browned
  3. Toast your bread (while above is happening)
  4. Top with the mushrooms

Serve as is – enjoy!