Wild Flavours

Wild Flavours: Real Produce, Real Food, Real Cooking

Mike Robinson is becoming well known in the UK due to his regular appearances on UKTV Food (England’s only TV food channel), where he cooks in a different style to the other ‘run of the mill’ TV chefs, specializing in wild food and game. Now I admit I haven’t been too much of a fan of his TV work; programmes produced directly for the channel UKTV Food can tend to feel a little bit like they dropped out the end of a factory production line – a new face but the same style program.

There’s no denying that Mike Robinson has a unique style of cooking. Whereas Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is a well known forager (who admittedly eats anything), Mike is a little more refined, focusing on (and hunting) wild game, such as rabbits, pigeons, and more.

In this book Mike starts to find his identity, however never really delving deep enough into the art of wild food, and focusing on the recipes. For us, he could have diversified a little more; the book would be none the worse by explaining and teaching the art of wild food collection.

All in all, this is a solid book, with solid recipes. His simplicity of style oozes through, as he believes food should be uncomplicated, and made to highlight the ingredients within, not hide them in a mash of flavours. We’re just a little disappointed he doesn’t experiment a little divulge some of the tricks of his art.