North American Recipes, Culture, and Food

North American Recipes

North America is about much more then hamburgers and fries. Since settlers began moving from the United Kingdom and elsewhere, North America has been a jigsaw of cultures and flavours. North America is all about diversity, and the food is rich in styles from all over the world.

Whereas California is characterized by ultra-healthy culture such as rollerblading down the beach and eating carrot cake with fruit smoothies, this style is offset by the deep south with their love of marinated chicken and Bourbon whiskey.

Further diversity can be found in the bastardized Mexican food coming out of Texas (Tex-Mex), through to the deeply autumnal flavours in Central America during Fall, with pumpkins, blueberries, and much more. Let’s not also forget Canada and Canadian influences in cooking, for example classic and delicious Maple Syrup Pancakes.

The recipies selected here have been chosen for their explicit demonstration of the culture they represent, and are ideal not only for a themed dinner, but also for incorprating into every day eating.